Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Name Your Baby 'Metallica'

Apparently a couple in Sweden is upset because they are not allowed by the Swedish authorities to name their baby 'Metallica.' "Why do I post this on the ACS blog" you ask? 1) because the EPA case seems to have garnered no attention whatsoever, and 2) because it has interesting legal implications.

There are two ways to look at the experience of this couple: Either this is an example of stupid bereaucrats limiting freedom of expression through unconventional means, or it may be a case for limiting the scope of government involvement in every-day choices. Is not being able to name your baby 'Metallica' a potential drawback of living in a pseudo-socialist state where the government is involved in everything (so what if this is a gross mischaracterization of Sweden, this is a blog)? I prefer to think the officials here were just stupid, but it does provoke thought. Or does it?


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